Quote of the Week

"The internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom."
- Jon Stewart

This is the Where the Crazy Happens

Howdy all you individuals out there. So this, I would assume, is where I am supposed to talk about myself. Well, where do I begin exactly? I am a freshman in Utah, I am 15 years of age, and I like food. And I like narwhals. And lots of other things but there are a lot so I won't bore you with a list.
Or will I?

1. (ha ha, I made a list) born in California

2. Just a little weird. Maybe a lot. Define a little.
This is my face

3. I may seem shy on the outside but once you get to know me, well, you my friend just stepped into a whole new world of crazy

4. I ride horses

5. I homeschooled for a year and it didn't work too well

6. I am agnostic

7. If you're nice to me, I will be nice to you

8. I am good at remembering things as long as they are not important

9. I live in the matrix

10. 9 was a joke (or was it???)

11. I know a bunch of quotes from movies I've never seen

12. More than 50% of my friends are guys and I have no idea why
this is also my face

13. I over analyze and over think way too many things

14. I have Irlens Syndrome, ADHD, Social Anxiety, and maybe Dysgraphia

15. I play the piano, the drums, the guitar(sort of...), and I used to play the violin, but I can't read music anymore. I play everything by ear. Well, I can read drum beats pretty well but thats easy.

16. I didn't choose the pokemon life, the pokemon life chose me

17. I hate most dairy products

18. I love filmmaking and special effects makeup

19. I am fluent in sarcasm, english, and pretty good at french

20. I am ambidextrous. I can only use them individually, but that is the least of my concerns. I tend to use my right hand more because my left  hand smudges over the words, except when I am using a whiteboard.

21. I can only draw stars the right way with my left hand, I can only draw hearts with my right hand

22. I REALLY like food

23. Sometimes when I'm feeling crazy I don't wear my seatbelt so I can live on the edge

24. Coke and Pepsi can go die in a hole. Dr. Pepper all the way.

25. My favorite ice cream flavor is Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch

26. Favorite bands as of this moment, right now:
a. Cage the Elephant
b. The Black Keys
c. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
d. OK GO
e. Silversun Pickups
f. Red Hot Chili Peppers
g. The Killers
h. Pink Floyd
Ok this list is getting kind of long. You get the idea though so I will stop here.

27. I am officially a cuber and my fastest solve is 48.77 sec.

So now you know my not-so deepest darkest secrets but hey, at least you know this much!
~ Emi